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April 21 2018

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Tips For Traveling With A Dog

One of the hardest things about having a dog is figuring out how to manage vacations. Most dog owners hate leaving their pets behind, but they don't know how to accommodate their dog's needs while they're traveling. Dogs can suffer from being left alone for a long time, but kennels are expensive and not always the best solution. However, with a little preparation, it can be easy and fun to take a dog on vacation too.

Bring The Crate

A crate can be a dog's best friend by providing comfort in a strange situation. Make sure to line the crate with a nice, soft blanket and include a favorite chew toy or two. A crate can make a car ride feel safe for a dog, and it can also provide a comfortable restraint at the hotel while humans are showering and unpacking or taking a dip in the pool. Many people feel guilty putting their dog in a crate, but dogs don't react to confinement the same way humans do. However, it's a good idea to let a pet get used to a crate some days or even weeks before leaving on a trip.

Find A Pet-Friendly Hotel

There are a lot of pet-friendly accommodations available, including some major hotel chains, camp sites, and holiday rentals. When businesses cater to pets, they can usually provide great tips for activities people and dogs can do together, like a local dog park or dog-friendly hiking trail. It's a good idea to take the dog for a long walk before checking in for the night, especially if the dog has been confined to a car for most of the day. Once the dog has had a chance to exercise and release pent-up energy, he'll relax more easily in the new surroundings of the hotel room.

Use A Pet Carrier

For small dogs, a pet carrier like the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack can be a great way for humans to take their dogs with them almost anywhere. Designed for dogs who weigh 30 pounds or less, a K9 Sport Sack holds the dog in a comfortable "sit up" or "beg" position that is comfortable for both the dog and the owner. The backpack allows people to take their dogs with them when they jog, cycle, or walk around a crowded city. The dog can see the sites without being pushed past his physical limits. To learn more about this unique type of pet carrier visit here at k9sportsack.com.
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